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Small Towns, Big Mouths

Small Towns, Big Mouths

I am very happy & honored to share that my micro poetry collection, Small Towns, Big Mouths, is the featured collection on the Australian literary website Bold Monkey.  Small Towns, Big Mouths is a poetry collection consisting of six previously published poems that were first printed in publications from PigeonBike Press, Mad Rush Quarterly, and Every Reason Magazine.  From editor George Anderson of Bold Monkey:  “Gladeview is a minimalistic American poet who uses personal anecdotes to make sometimes joyful, sometimes wry comments about life.”  Accompanying the presentation of Small Towns, Big Mouths are two digital broadsides featuring poems from the collection.  Take a trip Down Under & get familiar with the characters in my micro poetry showcase, Small Towns, Big Mouths!


Limited Edition Broadside

I Lent Steel Valley

This limited edition, letter pressed broadside was printed for a tribute reading for Colorado author Michael Adams who passed away in September, 2013.  The reading took place at Denver’s Glovinsky Gallery of Contemporary Art in November, 2013, & I was honored to be one of three featured readers commemorating Michael’s life.  One hundred of these broadsides were printed by long-time Denver publisher Tom Parsons on a 1917 letter press machine.  The poem itself was pressure fitted in an aluminum frame, letter by letter & is in reference to Michael’s phenomenal poetry collection, Steel Valley (Lummox 2010).  The broadside also features original artwork from Steel Valley & was beautifully designed by author & artist RL Raymond.  Each broadside is available for $2.00 including shipping, & currently only 50 remain of the one & only first run printing!