MediaVirus Magazine

Addicted audience, give me your ear!  MediaVirus Magazine’s megaphone booms throughout urban corridors and echoes rural reading rooms with a singular proclamation: the poets are coming!  The May Issue #22 features eight dazzling sirens of stanzas, the most magnanimous MediaVirus poetic roll call to date.  Coming to you this edition are poets Michael Brownstein, Lisa Zaran, James Valvis, Peter Magliocco, Robert Demaree, Joseph Harker, John Sweet, and Casey Holman.  This issue, Stewart and I acquiesce the Editor’s Page real estate to the lustrous contributor limelight, as their scant syntactic submissions found the “unfortunately at this time…” pile.  Cater to your craving cranium and rise to answer the MediaVirus May Issue #22 call to splurge on sparkling strophes!


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