MediaVirus Magazine

Addicted audience, give me your ear!  MediaVirus Magazine summons your orbitals to convene in contentment and examine our optically stimulating Issue #23!  Our brand new June installment calls for a cease and desist of poetry, fiction, and any other sentence form for that matter – save the exhibits of the visually virtuosic.  This month, the MediaVirus Gallery welcomes the stark, Americana black and white photography of Kyle Garthe, as well as the impressionistic color explosions of Zach Abstract, the rich acrylic cradle board creations of Duane Kirby Jensen, and the playful, yet revealing lens of Cath Barton.  As May brought pages of poetry, June packs a paint and photography punch.  Catch your breath, grab an ice pack, and fixate your forvea centralis on this June’s issue of ocular offerings!


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