Just Ignore The Beer Stains Praise

“I devoured over half the book in the parking lot outside the post office.  I pulled over three blocks later, lit a cigarette and devoured the other half.  I would like to have a beer with Gladeview.  He is a natural story-teller with an astute eye, scathing wit, and a wicked sense of humour!  The book features striking cover ar by award-winning photographer Eleanor Bennett.  Absolutely stunning in its content and creation – another winner from PigeonBike Press.  This isn’t a POD press, these books are built from ground zero, each book you can feel the adventure by touch alone…”  – Wolf Carstens, Epic Rites Press

“Just Ignore The Beer Stains is the work of a true barstool prophet.  Gladeview writes accessible, engaging poetry on the darkness and the light of the everyday and the Everyman, dispensing shots of wit and more than a few lingering chasers of wisdom.”  – Chris Yurkoski, Domesday Notebook

“The poems hit harder than Mike Tyson.”  – John Yamrus


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