Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love

I am damn proud and extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of my chapbook Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love to be published by Erbacce Press!  The collection consists of twenty one poems never previously released or published and will be presented in A5 format with a two-staple spine. Erbacce Press is going on their eighth year of producing high quality books and publishing radical, visceral authors who blast down the walls of poetic tradition and it’s an honor to join their community of writers.  Ordering information will become available soon, but until then read what others are already saying about Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love!

Reading these poems is akin to being in your favorite bar or cafe, listening to anecdotes from a witty, sagacious, compassionate, humorous, insightful friend, delivered in a mellow and melodious voice.  My only nag is when the voice stops and I must leave.

– Milner Place

Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love is a book accessible by anyone at any time as whatever they need it to be.  These poems can be enjoyed by readers of all ages – as a source of cheap laughter, inspiration, or as textbook examples of everything that great poetry can and should be.  Gladeview knows how to tell a great story – he makes it look easy.

– Wolfgang  Carstens

Gladeview bought a used car.  The backseat was stained, with who-knows-what, strewn with empties and butts and a couple of books.  He cashed in the empties, cleaned up the butts, tossed the books in the trunk.  Now, with a couple of bucks worth of gas money, he set off on his own journey, ready to fill the backseat with his own stuff – stains, garbage, words, and all.

– RL Raymond

If I had to choose between Gladeview and a shot of good tequila, he’d lose out. Other than that, he wins every single time.  As a writer, Gladeview makes my day.

– John Yamrus


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