12 Gauge Shotgun Blasts

I am very proud & honored to have words featured in 12 Gauge Shotgun Blasts presented by Tree Killer Ink!  From the website – “One of the great themes in poetry is “love,” and “love poetry” accounts for some of the best and the worst poetry written.  The goal here was simple: gather 12 of the best and brightest authors currently working the marrow of contemporary poetry and ask them to write their best love poem.”  The list of authors is John Macker, William Taylor Jr., RD Armstrong, Wolfgang Carstens, Zarina Zabrisky, John Yamrus, John Dorsey, Rob Plath, Jack Shaw, Tony Moffeit, Stephen T. Burg & this romantic sack of bones.  The exterior features stellar design by Sammy!, the artwork of Elizabeth A. Soroka is scattered throughout & copies are just $5, cheap enough to buy one for you AND an enemy!

Tree Killer Ink


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