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Bold Monkey: Chapbook Review

Praying For A Spare

It’s with great excitement I announce that a new review of my latest poetry collection Praying For A Spare (Epic Rites)  has been published on the Australian literary website Bold Monkey!  The editor of Bold Monkey, George Anderson, also asked me a few questions regarding the chapbook and my responses, along with a poem from the collection, accompany the review.  Praying For A Spare is one of twelve chapbooks in Epic Rites Press’ Punk Chapbook Series and features original cover art by Swedish illustrator Janne Karlsson.  Click over to Bold Monkey to find out more about Praying For A Spare, then type your way to Epic Rites Press to pick-up a copy of your own!


The Unknown Show

The Unknown Show

Thank you to Bud Smith, host of The Unknown Show on The Literary Underground Radio Network, for having me on & putting me in the hot seat!  Bud is the author of Or Something Like That (CreateSpace) and Tollbooth (Piscataway House), as well as a contributing editor for the literary arts magazines JMWW and Uno Kudo.  From the words “welcome to the show” to “it was nice having you on”,  I did my best to answer his questions without too much booze-infused buffoonery and read poems from all corners of my catalog.  Brew a cup of bold black coffee, sink back into your easy chair & get acquainted with Lawrence Gladeview on The Unknown Show!

In The Soup: The Ogre’s Drum

Earlier this month I had the honor of being invited on to Frank Reardon’s radio show The Ogre’s Drum, a showcase program featured on the In The Soup Radio.  Frank is the author of Interstate Chokehold (Neopoiesis), Nirvana Haymaker (Neopoiesis) & Blood Music (Punk Hostage).  During the hour long show, I read poems from my just completed new collection, cracked jokes about family & friends, as well as debated the merits & pitfalls of online publishing among other raves & rants.  Buckle up tight, white knuckle the volume knob & push play at your own risk!

In The Soup Radio

In The Soup: Shotgun Poetry

It was a real pleasure to be a guest on the Shotgun Reading Radio Show hosted by the energetic editor of Epic Rites Press Wolfgang Carstens.  The show is a showcase program on In The Soup Radio & is ninety minutes of raw airwave power featuring unfiltered poetry readings, uncensored interviews & good-natured stories that will leave your stomach in stitches!  During the broadcast, I was joined by fellow literary madmen Frank Reardon & Rob Plath who squeezed blood from the alphabet with unrelenting fury.  Pour a glass of your favorite poison, adjust your radio frequency & give your ears what the so desperately desire – poetry with a pulse delivered by unapologetic authors!

Shotgun Poetry

The Abyss Gazes Also

It was an absolute pleasure to step into The Abyss Gazes Also with Wolfgang Carstens on Short Fuse Radio!  Wolf is the madman behind Epic Rites Press & author of Crudely Mistaken For Life & we sure as shit went all twelve rounds exchanging a flurry of  jabs on the storytelling n writing  process, the small press publishing war & the prestige of being read in the john.  The show is jam-packed with readings from Just Ignore The Beer Stains, my forthcoming chapbook Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love, as well as some unpublished rope-a-dope haymakers loaded for a knockout punch.  Grab your jock, step into the ring & bleed a little!

Bold Monkey

Thank you to George Anderson of Bold Monkey for the comprehensive and insightful review of Just Ignore The Beer Stains!  Also featured with the review is an interview in which George and I discuss being under the influence, small press publishing, and the merits of rejection.  I am also honored to say that George will be including selected poems from Just Ignore The Beer Stains in Ephemeral, an academic publication he edits in Australia.  Just Ignore The Beer Stains is now available from PigeonBike Press; ideal for rock fights & makes a great coaster!

Horror Sleaze Trash

Editor Richard Wink of Horror Sleaze Trash invited me to brave his thirteen questions and the interview is now up!  Richard did a dynamite job including select broadsides throughout and a video reading of my poem “At The Gate” by Scars Publications and Children, Churches, & Daddies Magazine editor Janet Kuypers.  This isn’t your mother’s Good Housekeeping, so be sure not to leave it out on the coffee table.