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Irregular Features & Sidekick Books

Thank you to The Judge over at Irregular Features & Sidekick Books for giving Just Ignore The Beer Stains the video review treatment!  Irregular Features reviews new collections of poetry as well as publishes feature articles & interviews on related subjects.  The review, entitled Success Without Ambition, critically examines Just Ignore The Beer Stains from composition to construction, all with an insightful eye & humorous tongue.  Throughout the video The Judge doesn’t mince words & fires straight from the hip, toasting my glass & kicking me in the balls at the same time.  Now’s time to dress my wounds, grit through the bruises &  pound the keys harder than before!

Unrorean & Tree Killer Ink

The Unrorean

Volume XIII, Issue I, The 2013 Summer/Fall edition of The Unrorean is now available for purchase & I am honored to be included in the publication!  The Unrorean is an 11″ x 17″ broadsheet that features the words of the most recognized voices in the small press as well as up and coming poets who push the literary envelope to the brink of ripping to shreds.  Copies are just $2 each & subscriptions are $4; prices low enough to buy one for you, a good friend & a sworn enemy!

Fluorescent Stilts For Your Uncle

The current edition of Fluorescent Stilts For Your Uncle published by Tree Killer Ink/Epic Rites Press has been released into the wild & features two new poems from my typewriter!  The magazine is edited by Rob Plath & this edition is a special tribute issue; my poems give a tip of the cap to Charles Bukowski & Charles Mingus.  To date copies are SOLD OUT, so be sure to subscribe to Tree Killer Ink to gain the inside track on future issues & publications!

Saboteur Awards 2013

Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love

I am beyond proud & honored to announce that my chapbook Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love (Erbacce Press, 2012) has been shortlisted for the 2013 Saboteur Awards in the category of Best Poetry Pamphlet!  Voting is now open and will close May first at midnight (United Kingdom time).  Tally your vote for this foul-mouthed nobody and help Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love bring home the goods and make some noise!

Just Ignore The Beer Stains and Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love

Just Ignore The Beer Stains

Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love

Just Ignore The Beer Stains (PigeonBike 2011) and Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love (Erbacce 2012) are both in their second printings with no signs of slowing down!  Just Ignore The Beer Stains is available now at Tree Killer Ink and Lowlifes, Fast Times & Occasionally Love is currently available through Erbacce Press.  Both collections are stocked at Brainfood Books on Main St. in downtown Longmont, Colorado.  Be sure to check back in over the next few months, as readings in Boulder, Lafayette, Denver, and Longmont will be announced along with a handful of radio show appearances.  Also, please don’t hesitate to contact me for personal book requests or event scheduling.  Let’s make this year a good one folks and set bookshelves on fire across the globe!

Lummox Journal Reading

Come on down to Innisfree Coffee & Books 1203 13th Street in the Hill neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado on December 1 at 3:00 p.m for the Lummox Journal Poetry Reading!  Join this roughrider & front range gunslingers James Taylor III, Phil Woods, Jerry Smaldone, Karen Douglas, Jared Smith, Diane Klammer, and Mike Adams as we read selections from the new Lummox Journal along with other renegade poems & back porch stories.  The reading goes until dusk or whenever the last beams of the roof burn down!