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PigeonBike Press has released its new print venture, Babel, a chapbook featuring a poem of mine as well  as others by Tom Riordan, Frankie Metro, Silent Lotus, Jack Cooper, Matt Galleta, & Michael Andrew, not to mention short fiction by RL Raymond.  The chapbook is 16 pages printed on 28lb slick paper with black & white graphics, a gem of a collection  for a bargin basement price of 3 dollars!  Ordering information can be found at PigeonBike Press and while you’re there, be sure to browse other titles available from PigeonBike by RL Raymond, Milner Place, & Penn Kemp.


PigeonBike & Epic Rites Press

If you haven’t already done so, hightail it over to PigeonBike Press to snatch your copies of RL Raymonds’s feature release Sonofabitch Poems and Milner Place’s new chapbook collection Joe & Maisie Fay.  While you’re there, also be sure to browse other PigeonBike titles like Penn Kemp’s Helwa! and Beyond The Broken Bridge that are guaranteed to wet your whistle.  Still crave more?  Take a tour of Epic Rites Press and subscribe to Tree Killer Ink, their flagship print magazine that comes bundled with titles from John Yamrus, Mike Meraz, and Mike Taylor.  Point and click your way into their online store and grab new releases from Rob Plath and Jack Henry, as well as previously released works by Karl Koweski, Jason Hardung, and Todd Moore.  Buy a title to stuff a stocking or throw at an enemy, either way thanks for supporting independent presses!

Prominent Pen / Children, Churches, & Daddies

Scars Publications recently released its May through August 2011 CC&D anthology book entitled Prominent Pen, which features poetry, prose, and selected Scars series chapbook pieces.  Two of my poems, As Disraeli Gears Plays and At The Gate, are published in this exceptional collection.  The edition is a 332 page, 6″ x 9″ paperback ISBN book for $22.75 and worth every dime.  Along with Prominent Pen, Children, Churches, & Daddies has published its September print issue and features my poem, Denise’s Prerogative.  The magazine is an 84 page, 5.5″ x 8.5″ perfect bound book boasting a radical sampling of poetry, prose, and artwork – for only $7.57!  Order one or grab both, either way you win!



Children, Churches, & Daddies

The August print issue of Children, Churches, & Daddies is now available and features my poem, At The Gate.  The magazine is a 5.5″ x 8.5″ perfect bound book with black and white pages featuring poetry, prose, fiction, and art.  A really radical bonus with the release of the edition is a video of editor Janet Kuypers reading my poem from the issue at The Cafe in Chicago.  You can support independent presses, authors, and artists by ordering your copy here!

Beyond The Broken Bridge

Beyond The Broken Bridge is the latest print endeavor from PigeonBike Press and the issue features two of my poems.  PigeonBike Press is an independent Canadian publisher of poetry, prose, and varied art mediums.  The issue is a 16 page, 8.5″ x 11″ black and white edition featuring poetry from Milner Place, Penn Kemp, Lyn Lifshin, John Yamrus, and Jack Henry among many other talented poets and authors.  All ordering information can be found at PigeonBike and while you’re there, be sure to check out R.L Raymond’s feature chapbook release Sonofabitch Poems!

Children, Churches, & Daddies

One of my poems, As Disraeli Gears Plays, is featured in the July 2011 Vol. #222 print edition of Children, Churches, & Daddies!  The publication is an 84 page, 5.5″ x 8.5″ perfect bound, un-religious, and non-family oriented literary and art magazine printed monthly by Scars Publications.  Copies are $7.57 and ordering information can be found here.  Thanks as always for supporting independent presses and authors, now go order yourself an issue!

MediaVirus Magazine

Addicted audience, give me your ear!  MediaVirus Magazine summons your orbitals to convene in contentment and examine our optically stimulating Issue #23!  Our brand new June installment calls for a cease and desist of poetry, fiction, and any other sentence form for that matter – save the exhibits of the visually virtuosic.  This month, the MediaVirus Gallery welcomes the stark, Americana black and white photography of Kyle Garthe, as well as the impressionistic color explosions of Zach Abstract, the rich acrylic cradle board creations of Duane Kirby Jensen, and the playful, yet revealing lens of Cath Barton.  As May brought pages of poetry, June packs a paint and photography punch.  Catch your breath, grab an ice pack, and fixate your forvea centralis on this June’s issue of ocular offerings!

The Adroit Journal

The inaugural Spring 2011 Volume I of The Adroit Journal is available now and features four of my poems; a true pleasure to be alongside such talented poets as Lyn Lifshin, Wendy Baker, and Jay Leeming among others.  The journal is available as a PDF download with a suggested donation of ten dollars to Free The Children, a charity that works to improve the educational standards of underprivileged kids.  Thanks for reading and above all, supporting literature for the humanities.

MediaVirus Magazine

Addicted audience, give me your ear!  MediaVirus Magazine’s megaphone booms throughout urban corridors and echoes rural reading rooms with a singular proclamation: the poets are coming!  The May Issue #22 features eight dazzling sirens of stanzas, the most magnanimous MediaVirus poetic roll call to date.  Coming to you this edition are poets Michael Brownstein, Lisa Zaran, James Valvis, Peter Magliocco, Robert Demaree, Joseph Harker, John Sweet, and Casey Holman.  This issue, Stewart and I acquiesce the Editor’s Page real estate to the lustrous contributor limelight, as their scant syntactic submissions found the “unfortunately at this time…” pile.  Cater to your craving cranium and rise to answer the MediaVirus May Issue #22 call to splurge on sparkling strophes!

PigeonBike Trash & Crackers

Two of my poems, Blind Date and The French Lick, are featured in the inaugural print edition of PigeonBike’s Trash & Crackers!  The line-up for this issue is spectacular, featuring poetry by Wolf Carstens, Milner Place, Rob Plath, and John Yamrus among many other talented authors.  Copies are just six bucks, so would it break the bank to buy just one?  All ordering information can be found at PigeonBike and thank you for supporting independent presses and underground voices!